Why hello, I’m Nora!

I am a Brooklyn-based writer, actor and comedian, interested in collaboratively telling dark comedies about the complexities of human relationships while exploring the surreal, the grotesque and the delicious; committed to telling stories from new perspectives in this golden age of television, filmmaking and theater.

My favorite collaborations to date include my award-winning independent dark comedy pilot Hysterical Women (2018) about gender-inequality in the workplace that I co-created with Whitney Uland. My first feature, The Cosmos Sisters (shot December 2020), about grief, friendship and a failed middle school band which was also a Hysterical Women LLC venture with Whitney Uland. And Baby Goes Down, my full-length play written with Tessa Barlow-Oschorn, a play in conversation with Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornés, about friendship, death and lasagna, workshopped in New York in 2018.

When no madly collaborating, I can also be found acting as the quirky gal with bangs in television and commercials, hosting podcasts like The Big Pasta Podcast (peep picture of me surrounded by pasta aka in heaven), doing foley sound for internationally, award-winning plays (most notably for a vaudevillian clown show called Beep Boop…I couldn’t make that up), singing improvisational songs to my cat Frankly (I do make them up and she is only every marginally impressed). 

Check out my resumes below and reach out if you’d like to read any of my work. Currently working on a comedy pilot about an underdog women’s collegiate rugby team and a surrealist series about a migrated IUD!

Acting Resume

Download as a PDF here.